ART CRIME BULLETIN COVERS 2011. Mail collaboration with Jeff Crouch. Prints.

DECOY ICON: trick, lure &snare 2020. 

Deception is a cognitive tool that shapes consciousness and behavior. The decoy is one of the oldest forms of deceit. It is an ancient and powerful skill that operates in protection, defense and conflict. It is designed to distract, lure, destroy, trick, ensnare, deceive, reveal or waste the time 

and energy of an opponent. 


Especially in today's media and politics, we are presented with social distraction, images, choices, and news events that cause perceptual dissonance.


SUMMERMAIL2020: Plague postcard fervor &anthem of crime @brutal damselfly conductive. 8 postcards, 4 x 6 in., 10 x 15.25 cm. Strathmore paper, watercolor, personal rubber stamps, ink, collage.

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